Right Paths

Spring in the West.
Mesquite trees leaf out amidst the junipers.

“He leads me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.”  Psalm 23:3b (NLT)

It isn’t easy to stay in God’s presence.  It’s not easy for me, anyway.  My mind drifts and some time may pass before I even notice it.  I return my thoughts to him only to I’ve drifted away a short time later.  It is getting easier, though.  Do I think it possible?  Oh yes, I do!

Scripture tells me, over and over, he wants us to be friends.  I know he is always with me because scripture also tells me he lives within me.  Recently I spent over 18 hours in the back country with a photographer friend of mine.  I never forgot he was right there with me.  At all times I was aware of his presence.  We talked all day long.  We laughed together.  We drank coffee together.  We ate lunch together.  I was driving so wherever I went he went along.  I never, not once, drove off without him.  Sometimes I waited for him, and sometimes he was waiting for me.  I welcomed and enjoyed his company.  That’s how I want to be with Jesus…everyday, all day.

It isn’t easy, but it is getting easier.  The best part?  There’s such a peace and joy whenever he’s near.