God’s Joy

What Brings God Joy?

This morning I read something intriguing in “My Utmost for His Highest”, Oswald Chambers daily devotional.  He wrote, “Have we ever let God tell us any of his joys?”

When I read that, I paused, reflected, and asked my Heavenly Father what brought him joy?  What made him happy?  What do I do that brings him joy?  What do I do that makes him happy?  Then I asked, “Please tell me what gives you joy and what makes you happy?  I want to give you joy and make you happy.”

After my morning’s devotional readings were finished, I continued to reflect and wonder if I ever made God happy.  The thoughts continued in the kitchen as I prepared breakfast and later as I sat and enjoyed what God had provided.  The radio was on but I don’t really remember much about what the preacher’s sermon was about.  Oh yes, it was about Daniel faith and trust in God while even in the lion’s den.  Finished with breakfast and the dishes returned to the kitchen, I heard Dr. David Jeremiah on the radio.  He’s been teaching on the book of Revelation for several months.  I haven’t been a devoted listener of his radio program but listened when I could.  I caught enough of the intro to know I wanted to catch this one.  I fetched my bible and eased into my chair.

Dr. Jeremiah is beginning to teach in Chapter 21.  He introduces a new heaven and a new earth.  Then he spends a little time explaining his thoughts about what that might mean.  But then, he moves into the scriptures about the holy city the new Jerusalem.  Excitement grows in his voice as he begins to describe the details of this city as presented in scripture.  As his excitement and wonder grows, so does mine.  I’m following along in scripture and the glory of the size and the wonder beyond wonder of the spectacular beauty and purity stretches the extreme limits of my imagination—much like when I think about the size of the universe or the limitlessness of eternity.  At a point, this kind of thinking about the universe and eternity causes me to shudder and to pull back into my reality.  This was not the case with such thinking about the Holy City—at least not this morning.  I was reveling and basking in the glory and light of my imagination when it happened.

I was caught up into my mind’s eye picture created by the combination of scripture and preacher’s description almost to a point of ecstasy.  That’s when God spoke to my spirit and said, “Preparing this city for my children who love me is what brings me joy!  Knowing you will be here with me makes me happy.  I can hardly wait to see your face when you see this in person!”  Oh, my friend—HEAVEN CAME DOWN AND GLORY FILLED MY SOUL!

Carl Ray, A Simple Christian